Looking for a lightweight gadget to expand your storage?
Are you the shutterbug whose device’s memory is always full?
Or, in your travels, do you have to bring oodles of files with you?

An easy-to-carry portable hard drive or SSD will help you enjoy your digital life to the fullest. With our comprehensive range of portable storage options, Transcend has just the right product for you.

A Portable SSD
might be right for you if you are:

In need of speed

Supreme performance is a must! You want to expand your device capacity while reducing startup times across all your applications, or improve your gaming experience with an immediate performance boost. For all of these, a Transcend Portable SSD will be your best choice.

Always on-the-go

Taking a laptop along for the ride is a great way to get things done.
Looking for a thin, light, and anti-shock gadget to securely store sensitive data for use on the move? Our Portable SSDs will help you accomplish this goal while looking professional and stylish.

A StoreJet® Portable Hard Drive
might be right for you if you:

Have a ton of files to back up

You like to take photos and videos, and keep lots of essential data on your home computer. You may consider one of our StoreJet external hard drives to backup all these files, to make sure they are never lost.

Like products that are heavy on storage and light on price

You are a budget-minded user looking for a gadget with loads of storage capacity. Hard drives are not as fast as SSDs, but they do strike a good balance between price and storage space.

Quick guide to choosing a suitable product

When selecting an external hard drive or SSD, there are numerous factors to take into consideration. We’ve broken down some of the key ones to help you find the perfect solution. Here’s a quick comparison:

Data Recovery
Greater Protection
Energy Efficiency
Portable SSDs
Portable Hard Drives
  • Pricing: HDDs offer larger capacity at more attractive prices.
  • Portability: SSDs can be smaller, thinner, and lighter than HDDs as SSDs have no moving parts.
  • Easier Data Recovery: SSDs store data in a less intuitive way. With HDDs, it can be easier to recover data.
  • Greater Protection: SSDs can survive harsher treatment because they have no moving parts that can break.
  • Energy Efficiency: SSDs don’t have to spin up a platter from a standstill, and thus consume less energy.

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