Transcend and Nixon: Introducing the Type-C family


Have you noticed the new look on our SNS, online shops, and Transcend displays in your local stores? Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend®), a leading brand of digital storage and multimedia products, is pleased to announce collaboration with Malaysian cartoonist Nixon Siow on Transcend’s brand new Type-C series. Better known as Crazy Rich Guy, Nixon brings humor to high-tech by playing with the “Type-C Everywhere?” concept, touching on common conundrums of daily life and introducing brilliant solutions from the Boss and Transcend. The comic is simple, yet it brings up an important question: are you readily equipped for the Type-C world?

The best choices for advanced users

For high-end users, gamers, and content creators like Nixon, the high-performance portable SSD ESD370C boosts dazzlingly fast transfer speeds at an impressive 1,050 MB/s. For gamers, the ESD370C offers capacious storage space and high speeds that leave players free to battle for glory. The drive supports a variety of gaming consoles, satisfying video game fans with different tastes. How about having a game after work? And for businesspeople and students who process multiple workloads, the compact ESD250C, ESD240C, and ESD270C will maximize your performance. Coming in a sleek, sturdy case and featuring excellent shock resistance and maximum transfer speeds of 520 MB/s, these drives are here to help you on your way to success.

Type-C portable hard drive, your ideal backup option

For everyday use, Transcend's StoreJet 25M3C external hard drive is the ideal backup partner. Its anti-shock design meets the US military transit drop test, creating full protection for data stored on the drive. With up to 4TB of storage capacity, it is well suited for saving high-quality photos, videos, or a large amount of documents. Transcend also offers free software to back up, restore, and encrypt your files. Coming with both a USB Type-C cable and a USB Type-C to Type-A cable, the StoreJet 25M3C allows you to seamlessly transfer and share files among desktop computers, and laptops.

Type-C hubs and card readers, the guardian angels of multitaskers

Multitaskers: we understand your need for both efficiency and order. Transcend’s hub series and card readers are the solution you are looking for! Transcend's 6-in-1 Type-C HUB5C and Type-C 4-port HUB2C expand the capabilities of your Type-C mobile phone, tablet, laptop, MacBook, or iPad Pro. The slim, lightweight design boosts your productivity without adding any burden. For card readers, the RDC3 and RDC8 unleash the full potential of most UHS-I flash cards now on the market! The compact design and multi-functionality are an ideal choice for fast and efficient data transfer. If you are a shutterbug, Transcend's CFexpress Type B card reader RDE2 delivers the performance you are looking for!

What’s New: JetFlash 930C dual connector USB flash drive

The brand new JetFlash 930C is now available in stores everywhere. Transcend is proud to present this dual-connector USB flash drive featuring both USB Type-A and Type-C connectors. The JetFlash 930C delivers 420MB/s transfer speeds that allow rapid data transfer between computers, tablets, and even game consoles. Coming in high capacities of up to 512GB means room for a large number of multimedia and gaming files. Its 3D NAND flash memory construction delivers ultra-high endurance – 10 times the lifespan of a regular USB. Enjoy the new Type-C addition to our lineup while boosting your performance.

Welcome to the Type-C family!

As remote work and study have become the new norm, Transcend has been right there for its customers with a wide variety of Type-C options. No matter if you’re already hip to the trend or just getting started, we offer solutions that meet your needs.

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